“Become-ing” is a finding rib cage of an imaginary animal, that in the central part it’s covered by sculptural plant organisms which, like mushrooms and lichens, arise from its decomposition. This installation represents the life after death, the life force that continues its cycle, reusing the same decomposing materials as fertilisers for other forms. The name is lend from Donna Haraway’s concept “Become-ing with each other” in which through the concept of Compost she explains cooperation between society and nature, as an example of an open multi-species “society”.Become-ing speaks about waste and fertility where compost is the place of assembly and continuous transformation between states of matter, a respectful alliance between forms of the living.
The decay is essential to trigger processes of coexistence, bonds, cooperation, cohabitation and the relationship between nature and artifice, between waste and resource.

Winter Sculpture Park 2022, Bexley London