Alviani Art Space, Aurum La Fabbrica delle Idee, Pescara, IT


“Everyone  of us has his dragon to be beaten: why the Drachenkampf (lit.” Battle with the dragon “), the victory over oneself and the most abject of the ego impulses, becomes a key moment of the” process of individuation ” proposed by Carl Gustav Jung

“The young artist pursues every sense, every heartbeat, every possible path that leads from the soul to the light essence of her sculptures. They are similar to animal skeletons, the same as for the most part in exhibitions tell humorous stories loaded of cheerful partecipation, in a dimension between the natural and the fantastic world. The link between philosophical ancestry and artisan skill, seen against the light as in an X-ray, reveals a spiritual exercise: it is necessary to use a long time for “a thousand and one” applications of embedded little balls in wire mesh, as a goldsmith with its precious gems, perfectly aligned in an attractive texture”.