Sulli’s research explores our relationship with Nature through drawings, sculptures and installation work.

The organic inspiration mixes with the digital imaginary, between innovation and tradition.
Her art is a combination of manual dexterity, spirituality, and philosophical concepts, encouraging a link between spirit and matter.                                                                                                         It communicates sustainability, wilderness, fascination for materials, a result of the natural world that intersects with human intervention in a feeling of harmony.                                                     Mainly her work revolves around the concepts of evolution, expansion, wonder and interconnection.          

For Sulli, the natural world and the human psyche have spaces of mysterious and significant interrelationships, which she intends to bring together in a deep reconciliation.                                 “I think that Nature is spiritual because it embodies a knowledge to which we are internally linked and to which we should reconnect. I believe art can stimulate an environmental awareness that suggests greater attention to its protection and conservation”.